Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing Department strives to foster a positive relationship between our municipal government and the citizens it serves. Through a comprehensive communication program, media and employee relations, and special events, Communications and Marketing promotes a positive City image and public trust by telling our story. This mission is carried out through strategic dissemination of information in the form of news releases, newsletters, informational graphics, and videos via traditional and social media outlets; text blasts; the City’s website; JCTV; and emerging trends in technology and communications such as See Click Fix and Text 180. City events and activities are thoroughly documented through photos and videos, which are shared through the above-mentioned communication vehicles.
This department oversees all messaging across City departments, providing materials or assisting with their preparation as needed, including but not limited to: documents, brochures, rack cards, letters, newsletters, presentations, and promotional materials. Communications and Marketing educates the public about government activities and promotes City services through special classes, tours, presentations and publications. It also manages internal communications and educates City staff on media and customer service practices through departmental and one-on-one trainings.
Oversight of the City’s special events process is a function of the Communications and Marketing Department. Not only are City events coordinated by the department but it also leads other organizers through the application and permitting process to ensure successful events that offer an enhanced quality of life for citizens and attract visitors.
Communications and Marketing is tasked with management of the City’s brand, ensuring that graphic standards are met in all uses, overseeing proper usage of logos and lines through trademark law, proper merchandising of City-branded materials, and maintaining the integrity of the brand through a variety of other activities. The department coordinates consistent City messaging through communications and brand management to ensure accuracy and instill trust among our citizenry, and liaisons between the City and community partners to ensure marketing efforts are cohesive.