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Board of Commissioners 
Jenny Brock, Mayor
Joe Wise, Vice Mayor
Larry Calhoun
Todd Fowler
John Hunter
Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday @ 6 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Beth Greene @ 434-6002 or
Board of Education
Dr. Steve Barnett, Superintendent of Schools
Timothy Belisle, Chairman
Jonathan Kinnick, Vice Chairman
Kathy Hall, Secretary
Thomas Hager, Jr.
Michelle Treece
Paula Treece
Robert Williams 

Meets 1st Monday @ 6:00 p.m. at the Columbus Powell Center, 100 E. Maple Street
Contact:  Meranda Burd @ 434-5205 or

Animal Control
Jenny Brock, City Commission Representative
Bob Wilson, City Representative       
Joe Grandy, County Commission Representative
India Powell, Washington County Humane Society Representative
Marcy Walker, Animal Control Foundation Representative
Fred Warren, Washington County Representative
Dr. Sally MacLane
Meets 1st Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. at the Animal Shelter, 3411 N Roan Street
Contact:  Sheri Keenan @ 434-6009 or                                                          

Board of Building Codes
Hears and decides appeals and variances to the Johnson City Building Code, questions of code interpretation, oversees examinations of contractors to perform work in the community, and recommends code changes.
Timothy J. McGahey - Chairman
Samuel L. Lindley - Vice Chairman
Donald Cox
James K. Downes
James Green
Alan Smith
Jeff Tucker
Meets as needed in the Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Luci Tate @ 434-6047 or

Board of Dwelling Standards and Review

Determines action regarding substandard housing and/or commercial structures within the city limits.

Charles Spencer, Chairman
Jenny Lockmiller, Co-Chairman
Gwen Hunter
David Jenny
Teresa L. McAdams                            
Meets 4th Thursday @ 7 p.m. in Commission Chamber, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street. 
The board does not meet in November and December. 
Contact:  Hedy Bartley @ 232-1226 or
Board of Zoning Appeals

Hears and decides appeals to provisions of the Zoning Code, considers applications for Special Exceptions, and decides questions of interpretation of the code.

Jenny Lockmiller, Chairman
Jaqueline Anderson
Will Crumley
Rodney Severson
Dr. Stacey Wild        

Meets 1st Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Will Righter @ 434-6073 or

BrightRidge Board of Directors
Serves as a liaison between the Power Board’s customers and management.

Dr. B.J. King, Chairman
TBD, Vice Chairman
Jeff Dykes, General Manager
Jenny Brock, Johnson City Representative
Gary Mabrey, Johnson City Representative
Robert Thomas, Johnson City Representative 
James Smith, Johnson City Representation
Guy Wilson, Johnson City Representative
Joe Grandy, Washington County Representative
Dan Brant, Washington County Representative
Dr. Hal Knight, Town of Jonesborough Representative
Meets 4th Tuesday @ 4:15 p.m. at BrightRidge, 2600 Boones Creek Road
Contact: Ceilya Campbell @ 952-5039 or
Civil Service Commission

Addresses Public Safety employees’ Civil Service grievances and certifies entry level and promotional rosters.

William Henry Adams, III, Police Representative/Chairman
Robert E. Mitchell, Police Representative
Ron Dawson, City Commission Appointee
James Dorton, City Commission Appointee
Ricky Hal Clowers, Fire Representative
Meets as needed in the Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Richard Lockner @ 434-6018 or
Emergency Medical Services
Manages Emergency Medical Service.

Pete Peterson, City Staff Representative
Jack Hall, City At-Large
Dr. Mark Wilkinson, Medical Director          
Regina Barkley, Medical Services Representative                  
Greg Matherly, County Liaison Designee       
Phil Carriger, County At-Large 
Scott Wiseman, Washington Co. Rescue Squad Designee
Bryan Davenport, Washington Co. Mayor Designee                                                
Craig Ford, Jonesborough Mayor Designee
Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6 p.m. at EMS, 296 Wesley Street
Contact:  Dan Wheeley @
Freedom Hall Advisory Board
Advises in matters concerning Freedom Hall.

John Hunter, City Commission Representative
Joe Wise, City Commission Representative
Charlie Stahl, City Staff Representative
Lisa Chamness, City Staff Representative                              
Dr. Roger Walk, Supervisor of School Facilities
Paula Treece, School Board Representative
Kathy Hall, School Board Representative
Lee Morrow, ETSU Representative

Meets as needed at Freedom Hall, 1320 Pactolas Road
Contact:  Lisa Chamness @ 461-4855 or

Golf Advisory Board
Recommends policies, procedures, rules, and regulations in operation of golf courses.

Kevin Vannoy, Chairman
Joel Dahlhauser
Dave Ongie
Landon Owen
James Pickering

Meets as needed at Pine Oaks Golf Course, 1709 Buffalo Road
Contact:  Jim Hughes @ 743-5021 

Health and Educational Facilities Board

Aids medical and educational facilities in obtaining tax free loans as allowed by a combination of Federal and State of Tennessee Statutes.

Christine Lovelady
Corey Webb
W. Richard Clark
Carol Ferguson
Craig Higgins
Dr. Richard Manahan
William Roller

Meets as needed in Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Marcy Walker @ 378-8818 or
Historic Zoning Commission
Considers conservation zoning to ensure preservation of historical structures.

Nathan Brand, Chairman
Paul Williamson, Vice Chairman, Planning Commission Representative
Jason McCusker, Architectural Representative
Liz Biosca
Wesley Forsythe
Hal Hunter
Megan Tewell                                                 
Meets 4th Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Matt Manley @ 434-6059 or
Housing and Community Development Advisory Board

Advises and makes recommendations concerning housing, community, and economic development issues.

Preston Mitchell, City Staff Representative
Richard McClain, Housing Authority Representative
John Baker, Chairman           
Bill Forrester, Vice Chairman
Mindy Bowman, Secretary
Stephen Dixon
Travis Hathaway
Scott Parker
James Tinner
Courtney Washburn
Meets quarterly (January, April, July & October) on the 4th Thursday @ Noon in Administrative Conference Room, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Preston Mitchell @ 434-5955 or
Industrial Development Board of Johnson City

Created as a means of financing business/industrial facilities that would create employment and economic growth.

Tommy Burleson
Hank Carr
Stacie Torbett
Robert Aaron Cox
Bobby Jobe
Tracy Johnson
Jon Smith
Gerald Thomas
James Thornton
Tony Treadway

Meets as needed at the King Building, 300 E. Main Street, Suite 406
Contact:  Mitch Miller @ 202-3510 or
Johnson City Development Authority

Promotes reinvestment, raises capital, generates revenue, and acts to promote the general health, safety, and welfare of the Johnson City community.

Robert Williams, Chairman
Craig Torbett, Vice Chairman
Joe Wise, City Commission Representative
Jodi Jones, County Commission Representative
Freddie Malone, County Commission Representative
Bob Cantler, Chamber of Commerce Representative
Mitch Miller, JCDA Representative
Tembra Aldridge
Hank Carr
Shannon Castillo
Lee Chase
Brent Long
Aaron Murphy
Tracy Johnson
Lindsay Nickels
William Roller
Seth Thomas
Paul Williamson 
Meets 3rd Friday @ 8 a.m. in the King Building, 300 E. Main Street, Suite 406
Contact:  Dianna Cantler @ 202-3510 or
Johnson City Housing Authority

Establishes policy and procedures governing the operation of the Housing Authority.

Tommy Burleson, Chairman
Jeff Keeling, Vice Chairman
Richard McClain, Executive Director, Secretary
Kathy Benedetto                                            
James Tinner
Colin Johnson
Meets 4th Wednesday @ Noon at JC Housing Authority, 901 Pardee Street
Contact:  Richard McClain @ 232-4784 or
Johnson City Public Library Board
Operates the public library.

TBD, President
Kathy Hall, Vice President                 
Tony Warner, Secretary
Sarah Davis, Treasurer
Michael Clark
Jennifer Dixon
David Gemar 
Don Spurrell
Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 4:30 p.m. at the Public Library, 100 W. Millard Street
Contact:  Julia Turpin @ 434-4457 or 
Park & Recreation Advisory Board
Makes recommendations regarding recreation services and facilities.

Charlie Stahl, City Staff Representative
Jonathan Kinnick, Chairman
Ross Duncan, Vice Chairman
Joe Bradley
James Dearstone
Mark Durkee
Larry Glaspie
Carrie Fleenor                                                            
Karen Hubbs
Marc Upton
Meet 4th Thursday @ 4:00 p.m. at the Parks & Recreation Administrative Office, Winged Deer, 4137 Bristol Highway
Contact:  James Ellis @ 283-5815 or        
Public Art Committee

Considers matters concerning public art, monuments, murals, or other creative efforts of individuals or groups.

Vanessa Mayoraz
Sarah Nobles
Sheri Earnhart
Chasidy Hathorn
Christine Murdock
Michelle Treece
Angelitti Bradley
Nancy Fischman
Nicole Hendrix
Andrew Russell
Stacie Williams
Michael Anthony Fowler
Sarah Carrier
Dave McClelland
Dianna Cantler
Meets 2nd Wednesday @ 5 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Phil Pindzola @ 434-6080 or
Public Building Authority
Carries out such functions as the Board of Commissioners may direct.

Hank Carr                                                                  
Dan Miller
Guy Wilson                                                                
Scott Kudialis
Dr. Jon L. Smith                                                         
Tim Belisle
Stephen Dixon                                                                       
Heidi Dulebohn
Melissa Thomas         
Meets 4th Wednesday @ Noon at the Millennium Centre Board Room, 2001 Millennium Place
Contact:  Mitch Miller @ 202-3510 or
Regional Planning Commission

With the assistance of the Development Services staff, administers the City’s subdivision code, advises the Board of Commissioners on matters of long range development policy, zoning and annexation, and prepares the City’s General Plan for physical development.

Dr. Tim Zajonc, Chairman
Bob Cooper, Vice Chairman
Col. Paul Williamson, Secretary
Dr. Stacy Wild, Assistant Secretary
Dr. Larry Calhoun, City Commission Representative
Gen. Gary Harrell, Washington County Representative
Dr. Benjamin Whitfield, Mayoral Representative
Chris Dagenhart
Clay Hixson
James Povlich

Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6 p.m. in Commission Chambers, Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main Street
Contact:  Nicole Lawrence @ 434-6071 or
Senior Services Advisory Council
Makes recommendations on matters of the Center.

Charlie Stahl, City Staff Representative
Bernard Hanley, Chairman
Bruce Shields, Vice Chairman
Ronald Anderson                                                       
Carol Burks
Eugene Gillespie, Jr.
Jenna Mikki Johnson
Kendra Mijeski
Vyto Razminas
Alice Spurling                                                                
Phil Worrell                                                             
Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 4 p.m. at Memorial Park Community Center, 510 Bert Street
Contact:  Deb Fogle @ 434-6231 or
Senior Services Foundation Board
Generates philanthropic support for JC Senior Services.

Rebecca Hennessee, President 
Charles Hough, Vice-President
Theodore Eades, Secretary
TBD, Treasurer
Lydia Allen
Star Barto
Barbara Block
Bo Deaton
Jerry Gehre
Frank R. Hawkins
James R. Hunter
Jeff Johnson
Whitney Larkin
Fred Lewis
Deborah Marshall-Polon
Cheri Russo
Janice Shelton
Brackton Smith
Teresa Treadway
Lisa Williams
Meets 1st Thursday @ Noon at Memorial Park Community Center, 510 Bert Street
Contact:  Deb Fogle @ 434-6231 or
Tax Increment Funding Advisory Board
Joe Wise, City Commission Representative
John Hunter, City Commission Appointee
Robert Williams, JCDA Chairman
Craig Torbett, JCDA Appointee/TIF Chairman
William Roller, JCDA Appointee
Larry England, County Commission Representative
Tom Krieger, County Commission Appointee
Meets as needed in the King Building, 300 E. Main Street, Suite 406
Contact:  Mitch Miller @ 202-3510 or

Tri-Cities Airport Authority Board
Manages and controls the business of the TriCities Regional Airport, TN & VA

Dr. Jon L. Smith, Chairman
Todd Hensley, Vice Chairman
William “Bill” Sorah, Secretary/Treasurer
J. Parker Smith, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Ken Maness, Kingsport Representative
Daniel Marciano, Bristol Representative
Pete Peterson, Johnson City Representative
Dan Mahoney, Johnson City Representative
Mayor Richard Venable, Sullivan County Representative
Eddie Williams, Sullivan County Representative
Mitch Meredith, Washington County Representative
John Abe Teague, Washington County Representative
David Jones, Interim Executive Director
Shaune Eberhart, Executive Assistant

Meets 4th Thursday in February, April, June, August, October & December @ 10:00 a.m. at the Tri-Cities Airport, 2525 TN-75, Blountville, TN
Contact:  Patrick Wilson @ 325-6001 or