Americans With Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a crucial piece of legislation for the City of Johnson City, reflecting a strong commitment to ensuring equality and accessibility for all residents and visitors. The ADA mandates that individuals with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else, and it serves as a foundation for creating inclusive communities. In Johnson City, the implementation of ADA guidelines is integral to fostering an environment where people of all abilities can participate fully in public life, access municipal services, and enjoy the city's amenities without barriers.

Compliance with the ADA is not just a legal obligation for Johnson City; it is a moral imperative that aligns with the city's values of inclusivity and respect for diversity. The municipality has undertaken various initiatives to enhance accessibility, such as updating public buildings, improving transportation services, and ensuring that recreational facilities and city programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities. These efforts demonstrate Johnson City's dedication to removing obstacles and creating a welcoming environment for everyone, reinforcing the belief that a truly vibrant community is one that embraces all its members

ADA Accessibility Reporting App

The City of Johnson City has developed a web-based application for community members to help improve ADA accessibility throughout the City.
The ADA Accessibility Reporting App presents one or more maps that can be used to identify locations where accessibility issues may exist and report a problem or observation. Users of the app may choose to remain anonymous while submitting new reports and reviewing existing reports. Users may also use their social media or ArcGIS Online credentials to track the status of problems or observations they have reported. The app is optimized for use on smartphones but is responsively designed to be used on tablets and desktop computers.

To use the app, select a category on the right side of the page and click on the green “Submit Report” bar at the bottom. Users are required to select an address by typing in a location or selecting a location on the map. Please describe the issue you encountered in the comments area. Selecting the “Report It” button will send the report to City staff.

ADA_ReportApp_Button   Click here to launch Accessibility Reporting Web Application