Economic Development

At the Johnson City Economic Development Department, our goal is to bolster economic vitality within our community. We are dedicated to increasing the tax base, raising the median household income, and forging strong partnerships across the community.

Our efforts focus on enhancing the quality of life for the community through a variety of initiatives:

  • Business and Industry Support: We provide resources and assistance to local businesses and industries to help them thrive and grow.
  • Retail Recruitment: Our team actively recruits retail businesses to expand shopping and service options for residents.
  • Workforce Development: We work on creating opportunities for skills training and employment to ensure a capable and competitive workforce.
  • Childcare Initiatives: We support the development of quality childcare options to help working families balance their professional and personal lives.
  • Redevelopment Projects: Our department is involved in revitalizing and repurposing underutilized areas to stimulate economic growth and improve community aesthetics.
  • Community Development: We partner with local organizations to support projects that enhance the well-being and cohesion of our community.

For businesses interested in expanding or relocating to Johnson City, we offer a range of services and incentives to facilitate your growth. Our department provides comprehensive support, including site selection assistance, access to financial incentives, and guidance on local regulations. We offer various incentives such as tax abatements, grants, and educational resources to make Johnson City an attractive and profitable location for your business endeavors.

Through these initiatives, the Johnson City Economic Development Department is committed to fostering a vibrant, prosperous community for all.