Downtown Wastewater System Improvement
ITB 6404

Original Documentation:
Downtown Wastewater System Improvement

Solicitation Deadline 6/10/20 2:00 PM

Optional Pre-Bid Meeting 5/27/20 2:00 PM 
All Bidders are encouraged to attend the conference. The conference will be held via Zoom only. Login information is as follows:
Meeting ID: 799 6686 0822/
Password: 8QDsV1

Copies of the Bidding Documents are available from the Office of LDA Engineering, Inc., located at 4718 Lake Park Drive, Suite 4, Johnson City, TN 37615 (Issuing Office). Plans will be transferred through Info Exchange in .pdf format, no deposit required. Paper copies of the plans may be purchased upon payment of $200.00 for each set (non-refundable). Bidders must request an electronic set of Bidding Documents or purchase paper copies of the Bidding Documents in order to submit a bid.

Planholder's List

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